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Targeted Personalization and its impact on Conversion

Many a times during my various meetings with the clients who are planning to go online, one of the biggest questions that I am asked to clarify is “What is Personalization? Why is everyone talking about it? How is it going to help us?” I usually end up giving examples of how personalization works and […]

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Magento Accelerator store at a cost of $499

E-commerce is a big business and getting much bigger everyday. Emerging E-commerce software and platform makers are offering wide choices and varied experiences leaving their buyers with a big decision to make. The growing competition and surging demand in the market are pressuring the sellers to set up their online store in a short time […]

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Microsoft Dynamics® AX and Magento Integration

With a flurry of evolving new technologies and ever changing customer needs, the business owners are compelled to establish connection with technological changes to deliver a complete shopping experience to their customers. Large number of business owners are looking for strategic alternatives to synchronize their dispersed technologies within their organization and gain access to the […]

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Business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce Solutions to address Industry specific requirements

Business-to-business (B2B) commerce has moved to its prime time with extensive list of e-commerce solutions. The transition from conventional market to electronic B2B market has been promising, but its resulting transition in the buyer’s behavior and their demand for an exceptional shopping experience seems to compel the business houses to look ahead for the most appropriate […]

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Dynamics Ax

Microsoft has partnered with Lotus F1 – Dynamics AX to play a key role

When you think of Formula 1 racing, you think of speed, agility, precision, and accuracy. After all, one false move either in the design room, through the business process, or on the track spells disaster for any racing team. The Lotus F1 team wants to be in the winner’s circle this year and is bringing […]

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cross platform

Cross Platform Mobile Development – Part 2

The Players – SDK Options Introduction In the last installment of our Cross Platform Series we began to scratch the surface; that is, we introduced the idea of cross platform development. We took a look at some different platforms out there, their native coding options and then we considered some pros and cons of developing […]

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