Business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce Solutions to address Industry specific requirements

Business-to-business (B2B) commerce has moved to its prime time with extensive list of e-commerce solutions. The transition from conventional market to electronic B2B market has been promising, but its resulting transition in the buyer’s behavior and their demand for an exceptional shopping experience seems to compel the business houses to look ahead for the most appropriate solution.

B2B differs from others. B2B clients look ahead for an omni-channel experience and rich functionality to capture every new revenue opportunity and retain loyalty. A need for a seamless integration, advanced personalization, simplified navigation panels, Flexibility and capability to deliver an environment for high volume transactions are some of the key areas contributing to the success of a B2B e-store. Each industry is specifically looking out for an enterprise-class robust eCommerce solution, which could satisfy and suite their changing buyers. The top 5 industries chasing behind the B2B e-commerce are listed below:

✓ B2B Online Retail

✓ Big Data Analytics

✓ Connected Living (or the Internet of Things)

✓ Cloud computing

✓ Urban Logistics

Some of the World leading brands like Magento, ATG, Hybris etc offers dynamic Business-to-business eCommerce Technological solutions.

Cloud Computing Industry

As we see the trends of newer concepts surging their way into the market. The concept of converged infrastructure and shared services has lead to the conception of centralized data storage, which a midst the controversies has risen up and given origin to the most pronounced metaphor “Cloud computing”. The Cloud computing industry has opened up its gates for huge number of vendors across the globe. The analysts forecast that, the next few coming years to be the mark intense rush of enterprise workloads moving into the cloud and the buyers demand for visibility to the exhaustive list of offers shall urge the eCommerce consultants and Web designing companies to make a wise choice of modules and features to suit the business needs.

Citrisys Solutions is one of the leading IT integration service providers supporting web enabled business houses globally with specialization in Magento, ATG and Hybris Technology. We specialize in B2B solutions and aim to customize the solutions to address the industry specific sales strategies and business requirements. The consultants at Citrisys Solutions attempts to analyze the business scope from the side of our client’s desk. The aim is to satisfy the channel-conscious business strategies. Some of our clients from Cloud computing Industry has helped us to gain acquaintance and have a very close visibility to their business strategies.

One of our client gave us an opportunity to understand the business scope of Cloud Computing Industry from the perspective of a buyer, seller and an advertiser. We understood the need to focus on building personalized relationships. Our Consultants came up with a robust solutions and we are glad to share the list of some of the modules delivered to our client.


    • Registration / Login ( For Buyers, Sellers & Advertisers)
    • Pricing Configuration
    • Search Function
    • Checkout
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Transactional & Reminder Mails
    • Refund Policy
    • Service Deactivation
    • Seller Management Control Panel
    • Non Standard products
    • Admin Panel
    • Advertisement Management

✓ Buying an advertisement

✓ Advertising management rule

✓ Creation of advertisement

✓ Ad purchased through cheque /DD & before money is realized

✓ Advertisement format

✓ Advertiser control panel

✓ Linking advertisement to seller id

✓ Advertisement admin panel

✓ Configuring an advertisement / process

✓ Setting up Advertising configuration & rate plans

✓ Configure an Email Campaign/Survey

✓ Linking advertised product to subcategory

✓ Linking advertisement to location on cloud exchange

✓ Linking advertisement purchased to advertisement category

✓ Referral/Affiliate options – Extensions for a Market place environment

✓ Attributes for products – CE team to give updates

✓ Verticals in registration box

✓ Remove verticals from PDP page

✓ Manage Engine – Ticketing engine

  • Ticketing (Front End & Admin Panel)
  • Catalog Management
  • Catalog Display
  • Coupons & Discount
  • Rating & Review
  • Recurring Payment
  • Live Chat
  • Micro site

Citrisys Solutions also support seamless integration with third party interfaces. We have experience in integration with Dynamics AX, Oracle, SAP etc.

As e-commerce continues to evolve, Citrisys Solution shall be glad to be part of the newer learning’s along the way and we shall explore newer and more innovative ways to engage with our clients.

If you are looking for solutions, then please send your inquiries to / (or) reach us out at +1.248.522.8223 (U.S) / +44.0131.202.6099 (U.K) for more information.

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