Microsoft has partnered with Lotus F1 – Dynamics AX to play a key role

When you think of Formula 1 racing, you think of speed, agility, precision, and accuracy. After all, one false move either in the design room, through the business process, or on the track spells disaster for any racing team. The Lotus F1 team wants to be in the winner’s circle this year and is bringing out all the tools to do so, including Microsoft’s ERP Solution, Dynamics AX. In a partnership that brings not only branding and marketing, but technology as well on board for the Lotus F1 team, a 3 year deal has been made to make Microsoft their official sponsor and Dynamics AX their official ERP tool to help give them the edge and put them in the winner’s circle. According to Graeme Hackland, CIO of Lotus F1 Team – We want to be in a position to win,” he says.

“We’re investing in people and technology, and we need to improve our processes. I really think Microsoft Dynamics AX is going to help the team in this challenge for 2014.”

After reviewing their options with 13 other ERP solutions on the market, the team thought that Dynamics AX was the clear winner.

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